O’Hara Foxes Club (OFC)

The O’Hara Foxes Club (the OFC!) is a series of after school enrichment activities coordinated by the O’Hara PTO. Current activity offerings are detailed below. Classes will be completely virtual and online. To allow for maximum participation, student registration is limited to one program per student. Registration will include a two-step process:

If you have any questions about the O’Hara Foxes Club, please email Beatriz Conte or Meghann Jones at ofc@oharapto.org.

Here is a peak at some of the fun during our current winter sessions!

Arty Party Fun!!

We explored Picasso, La Petit Fluers, 1958 and Yayoi, Kusama Flowers, 1996!

Foxes Kitchen

Week One: We travelled to Europe and prepared Parfait from France 🇫🇷  and some hagelslag from the Netherlands 🇳🇱. They learned some new words in Spanish too. The kids had so much fun!