Volunteer Opportunities for 2021-2022 School Year

Assemblies Chair 
This person is responsible for seeking out and orchestrating all facets of scheduling assemblies for O’Hara.
Commitment: Low. There are 3-4 assemblies per year, each lasting 3-4 hours.
If interested, please email jessica@oharapto.org.

Back to School Social Committee Members
We need more members in this committee to help plan and run the annual Back to School Social. 
Commitment: Low. Much of the planning takes place over the summer.
If interested, please email backtoschool@oharapto.org

Class Party Planning Committee Members
We need members for this newly formed committee to help plan and organize the 4 class parties (Halloween, Winter, Valentine’s Day, and End of Year) per year.
Commitment: Low
If interested, please email classparties@oharapto.org.

Kindergarten Welcoming Committee Members

This committee is looking for general members to help plan and organize events to  welcome our incoming kindergartners and their families.
Commitment: Medium. Some planning takes place over the summer.
If interested, please email dana@oharapto.org.
OFC O’Hara Foxes Club Committee Members
This committee is looking for general committee members to help plan and organize our after school programs. These programs are extracurricular and offered after school.
Commitment: Medium
If interested, please email ofc@oharapto.org.

Community/Corporate Sponsor Relations Chair and Committee Members
Formerly known as the Directory Committee, this committee is responsible for creating and maintaining relationships with community businesses who support the O’Hara PTO through donations, fundraising opportunities, and/or volunteer assistance. This committee will also be responsible for our annual student directory. 
Commitment: High for Chair, approximately 2 hours/week
Medium for 3-4 members.
If interested, email jessica@oharapto.org.

Traveling Art Gallery Chair
The Traveling Art Gallery, or TAG, is a program designed to teach our students about art; it utilizes parent volunteers to present a piece of grade appropriate art to each classroom. 
Commitment: High, especially at the beginning of the year when organizing parent volunteers.
If interested, email jessica@oharapto.org.

PALS Liaison
This volunteer, or volunteers, will attend the monthly Parent Advocates for Learning Support (PALS) and report any updates at each of our monthly PTO Meetings. More information on PALS can be found here.
Commitment: Low, attend PALS meeting and PTO Meeting monthly.
If interested, email jessica@oharapto.org.

Teacher Representative
O’Hara teachers, this is a position for you! We need a teacher to serve as a representative for faculty in the PTO.
Commitment: Low
If interested, email jessica@oharapto.org.